About Monroe, WI

monroe-about-page-image.jpgMonroe is located in Green County, Wisconsin. We are an hour southwest of Madison, WI, 25 minutes north of Freeport, IL, an hour west of Rockford, IL and 2 hours from the suburban Chicago area.

We are in the heart of cheese country, and the area proudly boasts more cows than people. To the south lie the flat open farm fields of Illinois, and to the north the forests and rivers of Wisconsin. Our area is known for the gently rolling hills that attracted immigrants from Switzerland.

Officially incorporated in 1858, Monroe has a rich history that is still evident in the buildings around the courthouse square.

Monroe is a town of 10,000 with a true "small town" feel. This is kind of place where you need to plan an extra 15 minutes to go to the store - not because of traffic on the road, but because you will run into friends and neighbors and stop to chat for a while.  Generations of the same family live within a few blocks of each other, but those who "aren't from around here" are welcomed warmly and quickly invited to social events.

Friendly people, beautiful scenery and small town charm are some of the things that brought Rainbow Confections to life. Stop by and see us sometime, and meet the community that we call home.